Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The Saga of Thomas Green

Here we go again.  I'm really going to try to work this one a bit longer.  I have NO IDEA who this one is or how he/she/it got my hotmail address.  My guess is that he is a prior scammer trying a new tactic. 

Here is email #1:

It gladdens my heart to write you today from a piece of words in my heart.(WHAT??? YOU KNOW, THE ABILITY TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL CON SHOULD BE PREDICATED ON YOUR ABILITY TO WRITE ENGLISH,)  Am really thankful for the email and your understanding. Am Thomas,let me tell you a little about myself. (AM?? SAM I AM.  I AM A YAM.  MA'AM I AM, AM AM AM.  I AM A HAM SORRY I DIGRESS)
Am just an average man who believes in the Lord almighty ,down to earth with a great sense of humor.I love every part of nature and i believe in meeting new people in life. (WHY DO THEY ALWAYS LOVER EVERY PART OF NATURE?  I DON'T, ESPECIALLY THE POOPING PART OF NATURE, AND THE STEPPING IN DOG POOP PART.  DON'T LOVE THOSE PARTS) People with like minds evidently grow towards better relationship. How long have you been on Christian mingles? I will like to know more about you,exchange pics and see what nature upholds for us all. (WHAT NATURE UPHOLDS FOR US ALL?, GOOGLE WHAT DID HE TRANSLATE)
Hoping to hear from you soon,i hope you having a warm evening ?. (NO I HAVE AIR CONDITIONING, IT'S RATHER PLEASANT)
Thomas Green

My reply:

I'm not sure who you are, sorry.  I don't recall giving you my email address as I given it out to very few people.  What is your profile name?

His email #2:

Ah i'm so sorry it look so strange to you (WHAT LOOKS STRANGE?  THAT'S ALMOST AS GOOD AS A SURPRISE TO MY NOTICE). I took out my account cos i had too many messages from people who never was serious. I felt comfortable and relaxed after getting your email (NEVER SENT YOU AN EMAIL, SO SERIOUSLY HOW DID YOU GET MY ADDY). I felt we could at least start from some where.(I SUPPOSE SOMEWHERE IS BETTER THAN NOWHERE, BUT ANYWHERE DOES HAVE POTENTIAL...DO YOU THINK HE WOULD BE CONFUSED IF I SAID THAT?) Here are photos of me. Please feel free to write me at anytime . I hope you re having a nice evening?

My reply:

I forgot to ask where you are from...

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