Saturday, July 05, 2014

I Have ... Thought About You All Through The Nights - Thomas Green Part 6

Yes friends, all through the nights.  Apparently the planet upon which Mr. Green resides has multiple nights in a 24 hour cycle.  

He last asked me about my "idea" man.  I actually gave him a bit of truth...well more than a bit of truth.

Oh, I don't know that my idea man exists.  He is kind and caring, he is a good provider for his family.  A man with Christ in his heart.  He is spirited and enjoys going on adventures as much as he enjoys staying at home.  He should have a good relationship with his family.  He needs to have an artist/creative side.  He has to be intelligent.  He should have a nice smile.  He should want to care, love and protect me.  I want him to be generous in all things.  He needs to become my best friends.  He should not be afraid to show affection.

There are so many things but I will stop there, because he does not exist in my life.  Not yet.

Mind you that's simply the tip of the iceberg on what I would like in a man.  He does exist, I just have to find him.

His reply:

Ah your words are so fascinating ,i admire every lines (THAT'S BECAUSE I CAN USE MY BIG WORDS AND YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THEM...NA NA NA NA BOO BOO). Your idea man exist babe,they can't be so perfect in person but as perfect as your other half,(WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY, THAT THE PERFECT MAN CAN ONLY BE PERFECT AS MY OTHER HALF...OH PUHLEEZZZE)  I have lived,believed ,gone through things,seen the other side of the world,encountered with people . But i know when my heart finds rest inside. My idea woman is such as yours,we both share that quality about our partners (IF YOU MEAN SUCKER AS A REPLACEMENT FOR SHARED QUALITY, THEN, YOU MAY INCORRECTLY ASSUME THAT I AM LIKE YOU). I have always been told we only live once (BABY, YOUR INTELLIGENCE IS SOMETHING TO BEHOLD.  THE LAST TIME I CHECKED, WHEN YOU'RE DEAD THAT'S IT..BUT HEY REINCARNATION IS A BELIEF TO SOME FOLKS),but when things re right once is enough,lol. I'm looking for a long and lasting relationship with someone who is very caring, honest, and most of all understanding. A woman who has a smile for me if I am feeling a little down, A woman who has a sense of self, and does not let small imperfections rule their lives, A woman who has a love of kids just like you. Someone that loves to Laugh, Someone that doesn't have a bad temper,(YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW ME BETTER IN THAT CASE.  I CAN BE A FIERY JALAPENO)  Someone that can sit and hold hands if there comes a disagreement (WHAT HAPPENS IF I PREFER TO STAND AND HOLD HANDS?  IS THAT AN ISSUE FOR YOU, DOES IT CAUSE ANOTHER DISAGREEMENT), A woman that can cuddle all night. Someone who will let me know their feelings.. Someone who loves God more than life, Then loves me right after that, Someone who puts others above themselves (WAIT, DO YOU WANT ME TO LOVE GOD FIRST, YOU SECOND, THEY EVERYONE ELSE) .Someone who can lead me in our spiritual walk (AS SOON AS I PUT A RING THROUGH YOUR NOSE BOYO I CAN LEAD YOU ANYWHERE)  and whom I can also spur on. Now i feel am in a conversation with my idea woman,first time i have ever felt this day.(HMMM, JUST THIS DAY?  I'M CONFUSED BECAUSE YOU SAID ALL THROUGH THE NIGHTS, SHOULD YOU HAVE DAYS AS WELL TO COUNTER THE NIGHTS?) You can see its a heartful.  I enjoy knowing you Debbi.

I gave him a pat answer about not looking for perfection since it's unattainable. Blah blah.  Here is his reply...

Yes they can never be a perfect relationship. Disagreement sometimes brings a closer bond,makes two better and a lot more. Yes i agree with you and am also no looking for a perfect woman cos they can't be such we all strive for perfections. Hope your night was better ? I have had you at heart (IS THAT LIKE "YOU HAD ME AT HELLO", ALA JERRY MCGUIRE?) ,thought about you all through the nights (THERE WE GO AGAIN WITH THE NIGHTS STUFF) and your words you say always (THAT'S BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO FIGURE OUT WHAT I'M SAYING WHEN I USE MY BIG WORDS...I'M SURE GOOGLE TRANSLATE MAY HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THEM). I have everything at heart,i have paused and ponder at your words (SEE SNARKY RESPONSE ABOVE...IT'S LIKE LATHER RINSE REPEAT) and i seem to admire you everyday of my life (SEEM?  FIRST I'M A MAN, THEN I'M A HOBBY AND NOW YOU SEEM TO ADMIRE ME...GOSH I WANT TO RUSH OFF AND GIVE YOU MONEY AT THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY). God be with you today .

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