Sunday, September 16, 2012


In the normal course of events, "unexpected" typically causes much consternation or, on occasion, surprise; a flat tire, a dead battery, a new project at work due immediately, an unexpected gift.  In my life it has never been the return of someone from my past.

That has been the case until August.  "I think I might know you... its been a long time.. You might remember me... Honesty not trying to be creepy.. forgive me if this comes across that way..."  Out of the blue a message appeared on Facebook. To say it was unexpected is an understatement.

A flicker of recognition.  I knew that name a long time ago.  Memories of long conversations.  His angst, my pain, music, life, friendship, common bonds.  Memories of pouring out the pain I had while he offered an ear and a solid shoulder.  Giving him advice as he tried to manage his tumultuous life.  As quickly as we bonded, we drifted apart.  Our lives taking different paths.

More than a decade later, he was back with a simple message and details.  Undeniable that we'd known each other back then.  Facebook messages back and forth.  After determining, he wasn't a psycho stalker, an exchange of cell phone numbers and we were off to the races.  I joined the world of unlimited talk and text.

Three, four weeks of daily texting, I've really lost count.  Thanks to the most ridiculous work schedule I've even encountered, an actual call at least once a week.  Yet, there seems to be no lack of things to discuss.  I'm not even sure what we talk about all day long, but we do.  Lighthearted conversations, deep conversations.  I've been humbled and scared, nervous and anxious, insecure and doubtful, tongue-tied and shocked, happy and joyful, amazed and bewildered with every word that has left our fingertips or mouths.

It's sometimes amusing how things happen in my life, but I have to say this has been the most bemusing, confusing, and utterly AWESOME event that's occurred. 

So here is to the past that started it all,  the amazing present, and the unforeseen future.  It just goes to show that when you least expect it, the unexpected can happen.