Thursday, July 03, 2014

I Don't Want To Leave The So Good Conversation With You - Thomas Green Part Cuatro

I've skipped a lot of back and forth...he's sent me "his" pictures and here is one his replies:

Ah Good morning to you Debbi ! I hope you had a better night rest? I'm so sorry i misread your last mail.(MAYBE IF YOU ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD ENGLISH YOU WOULDN'T MISUNDERSTAND) You know all works and no play always makes jack a dull boy ,lol. I smile at every words i read from you,every time it feels like i don't want to leave the so good conversation with you.(AWW, THAT'S SO GOOD TO KNOW) Thank you for your nice and warm gesture but i think you might be a blessing from above .I'm happy you are in my life now,you have brought me joy and an expectation of something good well we came into each others lives everything is as it should be and happens for a reason.(SOMEHOW AN EXCHANGE OF EMAILS MEANS I'M IN YOUR LIFE? ) You should be happy life is our journey and we are meant to enjoy our journey smell the roses turn our faces to the sun and you as a man will be happy joys free (EXCUSE ME???  SOMEWHERE BETWEEN EMAIL 1 AND EMAIL 5 I GREW A PENIS)  and at peace you have much to give. I really want to live knowing you all my life,each passing day you seem more like a hobby (HOBBY??? DEAR GOOGLE TRANSLATE, PLEASE HELP HIM). A new version of a story line,a better beginning. Tell me what re the things you do for fun ?
My regards

My reply to shake things up a bit..

I did have a good night's rest.  I'm glad you're enjoying the conversation, I am as well.  I wouldn't say that I am a blessing.  Just a normal person.  But yes, perhaps there can be an expectation of something good coming out of this chance meeting.  You are right, everything happens for a reason.
What do I do for fun? Well I spend a lot of time with my family.  I have 1 older and 3 younger siblings and they all have kids, so we love to gather as much as we can.  I have 12 nephews and nieces.  I enjoy spending as much time with them as I can.  I tend to spoil them all since I have no kids of my own.  I will be taking the 3 oldest with me on a Caribbean cruise in a few months.  I'm so happy they don't mind hanging out with their auntie.  (DO I IMPRESS YOU WITH ALL THE MONEY I AM PRETENDING TO HAVE?  WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO ASK ME TO SEND YOU SOME?

i am a bit confused by your email.  Why would you liken me to a hobby?  That's a very upsetting comment.  In fact, you say "you as a man will be happy joys free"  that just doesn't make much sense to me.

Are you playing some game with me?


Ah that sounds interesting ,you really must be a good auntie. I'm sorry but you misunderstood me Debbi (EXCUSE ME, BUT I READ WHAT YOU WROTE...I AM A MAN AND A HOBBY) . I have never felt this for such a long time ,its as if a wound is getting healed in my heart knowing you now .I'm so sorry if that upset you but i never meant to upset you, i just want to be happy with you all my life (WELL WHICH ONE IS IT?  YOU'VE NEVER FELT THIS OR YOU HAVEN'T FELT THIS IN A LONG TIME...WOOHOO I'M LIKE A MEDICAL MIRACLE, HEALING HEARTS WORLD WIDE, OR IN A CALL CENTER SOMEWHERE IN AFRICA). It was as if you occupied an empty vacuum in my heart when i met you and i feel so glad in all.(IF I OCCUPIED AN EMPTY VACUUM, DOES THAT MEAN I'M DUST AND DIRT?  KEEP THE UNKNOWN INSULTS COMING) Please i apologize for your being upset...
Things i do for fun? I love nature a great deal, love watching the peacefulness of the ocean , love summer weather, I enjoy fishing and camping. I also enjoy going to the beach with loved ones.. What your favorite color ?
My regards

My favorite color?  I'm sure he had to look it up in the be continued :)

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