Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I am a funnyman brown skin complexion,nice and Intresting Indian.

And what do you not understand about wanting someone less than 100 miles away from Fort Worth?

His response:  I'm moving to Houston at the end of July.  Do you think it would work?

I really do miss blogging about the complete idiots...he didn't give me enough material to be remotely humorous.  

Do I think it would work?  No.  Houston is still over 100 miles from Fort Worth.  Apparently engineering doesn't require any knowledge of geography.  

Do I think it would work?  No.  I am not investing any time in something I'm sure would not be good for me.

Do I think it would work?  No.  Read the post title.  What exactly is a funnyman brown skin complexion, nice and intresting Indian.  Spelling and grammar isn't necessary?

Do I think it would work?  Maybe, if you looked like Shahrukh Khan, but at 5'8" I don't think you stand a chance.  Sorry

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RhapsodyInProse said...

Heheh. Have you ever considered politics? The world needs people who can disassemble idiots quickly. :)