Monday, July 07, 2014

Like A Huge Part Taken Away From Us - Thomas Green Part 8, I think

Oh bother...

Here is TommyLove's reply to my absence for the holiday weekend:

Ah i almost forgot ,its indeed a great day and time for the nation (OH PLEASE, YOU HAD TO GO LOOK UP US HOLIDAYS IN JULY). My daughter's name is Amanda. And am sure she will love the pictures you wishes to send to her. It shows real love as a friend and a mother (NO IT DOESN'T BUT IF IT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD TO THINK THAT, GO FOR IT) . I really appreciate . Once for the day, we both miss each other here like a huge part taken away from us. But you will always remain in my thoughts ,my heart and in my head (AREN'T YOUR THOUGHTS NORMALLY IN YOUR HEAD?  GEEZ THE REDUNDANCY) ,a lovely Debbi. What is the most important thing you’ve learned from a past relationship?  (THAT IDIOTS LIKE YOU ARE MORE COMMON THAN NOT...THANKS FOR SHARING MY EMAIL ADDRESS FOLKS)

I tossed him some crumbs about what I've learned from past relationships.  Nothing exciting enough to post.  I did send two pictures of horses for "Amanda".

His response:

Aww pretty as you said. They are growing better i see (WHAT IS GROWING BETTER?  MY FAKE HORSES)  and this is just for Amanda's eyes,lol. She surely will love them both and surely will ask me someday to get her a young horse (GET A UNICORN, ITS AS MYTICAL AS SHE IS). Thank you for not being just some one close at heart but also a friend of my daughter this much. I have always waited for a day like this,(YOU SENSE SUCKER ON MY FOREHEAD...TRUST ME I'M NOT)  a woman who has great love for kids and would do anything just to make her happy. Yes you re right, books are not judge by its cover. (NO, I SAID YOU SHOULD NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER...DON'T GET EUPHEMISMS) 
I have learnt (LEARNED, ED, NOT T) that you have to accept people for who they are and you can't change them. If you find out some behavior is bothering you..You need be honest and let them know that their behavior is bothering you. I live by the golden rule. I treat people the way I would like them to treat me (HOW DOES ONE TREAT A SCAM ARTIST?). If they don't treat me well I say to myself that is their issue not mine.I am not going change who I am because someone didn't treat me fairly. I will never blame other people for something that someone else did to me.. One of the most important thing I have understand about life is to Learn from your mistakes and move on (OR WHEN THE GAME ISN'T GOING YOUR WAY, YOU MOVE TO THE NEXT VICTIM),i've learned to take time to think and not just react. never take for granted the next each one that comes to your life..and hope that tomorrow you will have the opportunity to be happy.. and healthy. Good night sweetheart, meet you between the stars*:-* kiss  (OK, I HAVE TO SAY I DO LIKE THAT LINE IN ALL IT'S CHEESETASTIC GLORY...MEET YOU BETWEEN THE STARS)

So we have the 5th of July festivities for my family.  I laid out the "I'm sad that I haven't heard from you"  not really but hey it helps the tone of the whole scheming plot.

Hi Sweetheart ,
Am so sorry for not being here to reply you this late i must confess. I thought of how busy you would be today Sunday mostly after church hours. I feel this is why we need to have each other close contacts (YES SO I CAN BE ACCESSIBLE TO YOU 24/7). You have never left my heart for a second Debbi ,not my memory for an hour (UGH UGH UGH BLECH). Yes me and Amanda is fine (ME AND AMANDA IS FINE...ILLITERATE MUCH) and we had a great Saturday hour i must day (JUST AN HOUR YOU MUST DAY?).Yes i understand everything and is not really bad for Amanda to have a horse ,a great challenge i must say. I do miss you so miss Debbi (AND STILL, EVERY EMAIL FROM DEBBIE AND YOU HAVEN'T FIGURED OUT TO PUT THE E AT THE END) ,i just didnt want to disturb you and the kid hours. Thank you for your message,i do appreciate . Tell me, how's your day today?
My regards Sweetheart

More tomorrow as the saga continues...almost finished emails, because i have created a dummy skype account just for his special ramblings....oh I'm a lucky girl

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