Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Eyes Has Been Glued...TommyGee Part Niner Niner

Doctor, my eyes have seen the, no they haven't because they has been glued!!

A brief hiatus of writing...I had a few days of socializing, saying hello to family and friends and merlot...I'm back to continue and end the drama....

When I last spoke of Thomas (the train), he was stumbling over himself apologizing that he was not around over the 4th weekend.  He email me and when he didn't get an instant reply, I got this:

Hi babe,
My eyes has been glued (MAKES IT DIFFICULT TO SEE) ,hoping on replying you for more than 2hours now but i never got a message from you (BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT CAPTIVATED ME, YOU IDIOT). You keep me in a worried state of mind (MIND?  YOU HAVE ONE), i hope everything is fine and okay? Well i still think of you in my on great ways, Amanda extends her greetings with much love.
my regards

About this time, I started getting really really bored.  I told him I wasn't feeling well and going to bed.

Hi Sweetheart,
Good morning to you babe, how was your night ? I slept off last night . Am so sorry to hear about your situation babe,i feel so sad knowing you re sick right now (OH THE SYMPATHY CARD). Joy comes in the morning when you survive the night (WELL YEAH EINSTEIN, YOU AREN'T DEAD) ,every morning is like a rising sun for us all (AGAIN, EINSTEIN, THE SUN USUALLY COMES UP IN THE MORNING). I pray you get better on time, me and Amanda will never cease our prayers and well wishes for you . Your pain is mine (ALL YOUR HEMORRHOIDS ARE BELONG TO US, SEND US UP THE TUCKS ... this is from the old days of chat.  Mike will know this)   ,you re always at heart here. Please let me know when you can talk. I hope you don't mind now if i request for mobile contact or even messenger? (HE THINKS HE'S GETTING CLOSER TO ME...HAHAHA MY PLAN WORKS )Get well soon.

We moved to texting with my Google voice number and that has been a riot.  The same drivel which I will recount tomorrow.

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