Saturday, July 19, 2014

Best Email Response on Match

I had a guy like one of my pictures, I found him to be interesting, so I shot him an email.


"Your profile made me laugh and I thought I would respond so I wouldn't be considered a jerk.  THERE are a lot of creeps and weird people on Match and I'm not one of them.  Who knows what THEIR intentions are but THEY'RE annoying a lot of women.  I've had my fun now! I thought you were a pretty woman so I liked your picture as a compliment but I'm not sure we are a match but I'm sure over coffee and a drink you would be fun to have a conversation with and laugh.  Wish you luck in your search.  Sam"

The very last line in my profile states, "If you don't know the difference between "THERE", "THEIR", AND "THEY'RE"  you will make me cringe in horror"

Oh Sam, I adore your wit!! Thank you for the laugh.

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