Monday, June 08, 2009

Oh The Insanity - Part 2

...A Snail's Tale...

Back in March, I posted a picture of the Celtic cross stitching project that I was starting. Here we are almost 3 months into the project and I have much to show for it...really! That is a lot to show for 3 months. Granted I am not working on it every day. We have a craft day once a month and Sundays are my stitching days.

Every "x" means I am one step closer to my goal of finishing before I am 50.

To give you some perspective, there are 25 "x" in one inch of work. In my first 19 "x" I used 12 different colors.

Needless to say, this is going to be framed and hung with pride when it is completed.

And to show you how insane I really can be, I am also working on a group of snowmen. It's on a much larger count fabric and it will be cute. It's my "look I can really make progress" piece when this one gets on my nerves.

I'll continue posting pictures quarterly for those who many be interested in my progess.

Student of The Year

...another "you've got to be kidding me moment" brought to you by Indie 67...

A brief lesson on Saturday:

Jeff: Hey did you see the board for Students of the Year?
Indie: No
Jeff: You should take a look.
Indie: Why?
Jeff: Well you're my student of the year.
Indie: You're kidding me, right?

Never accepting compliments graciously and flattered, of course; however, me?? "Miss I Don't Practice and Want Immediate Gratification". Me, student of the year? What a crack up. In a year of wanting to bust that piece of wood into splinters...hating it...hating music and within weeks of wanting to end the dream of ever being able to play guitar...

Jeff says I'm his student of the year.


I was planning on quitting at the end of summer session, but my musican therapist aka Mike said he would stop speaking to me. Threat or promise? I'm not sure. So, I'm still plugging away. I'm actually practicing.

Jeff says I'm on the verge of being able to tackle "Stairway to Heaven"...that's my second goal. I've mastered "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" which was my original goal...

I suppose there is not stopping me now.


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

There Just Aren't Any Words


So I've been planning my fall vacation, giving myself something to look forward to this year. I'm planning a cruise and my vacation bud stumbled across this picture on one of the excursions available in Cozumel.

Undersea Scooters...yes, that's what I said.

Needless to say, when I saw the picture, I laughed.

...and laughed...

...and laughed; so much that I had tears. But imagine the picture enhanced by commentary. "You think the fish will tap on the helmets, wondering if we will wake up?" "Imagine popping a wheelie on the scooter." "My, what a nice tank you have."

Please feel free to continue the commentary in the comments should you so desire.

I'm thinking, great big body, tiny little head.