Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hehehe, I Did It For You ... Goodbye Tommy Gee

Here's the story,
Of a lovely lady,
Who was aware of online petroleum engineers.
All of them had teenage daughters, 
and were lonely
Wanting money fast.

Here's the story,
of a "man" named "Tommy"
Who was busy scamming all the cash he could,
He was one man in a call center
Writing not so good.

Till the one day when the lady scammed this fellow
and she knew it was much more than a hunch
That this idiot would keep on sending email
And she would crush his nuts.

Oh Thomas Green, Thomas Green
That's the way you get shut the heck down

And so we have arrived at the end of our little saga of Thomas Green.  It has been tremendous fun to write about this idiot.  I had hoped to play with him until he asked me for money, but I just couldn't keep up the stupid, I love you even though I haven't met you, pretense.  Yes, I'm easily bored.

Friday, July 11th, he decided to send me some pictures he took just for me.  I present Exhibits A and B for your perusal:

He was so thrilled to send me pictures of him at work.  Really, indistinguishable men working is "you"? Yes, somehow I am going to believe that, since I have believed everything else I've read from you.  Thanks to my friend Susan (shout out, sistah!  Send me that hot cardiologist of yours :) ) enlightening me that you could Google images, I decided to run these through.

First though, my darling Thom-ass is supposedly in the Gulf of Mexico, but somehow I get a helicopter of "Life Guard Alaska".  Things that make you go hmmmm.  Second, well I will let you laugh at my email response to little Tommy Boy.


Hi Thomas,

Wow amazing pictures.  I'm so glad you were able to send them to me.  I can't believe you allowed me to see the great work that everyone is doing.  You should be very proud of yourself and what you've accomplished.   It allowed me to confirm everything I knew from your very first email.  I love that picture of the workers from a Royal Dutch Shell platform in Brunei...they know how to handle a drill bit that's for sure.  Don't believe me?  Check out this article:  Also you send me a picture of a Life Guard Alaska helicopter in an attempt to get me to believe you're somewhere offshore in the Gulf of Mexico?  You idiots are really pathetic.

You see you jackass, I know you've been doing your best to con me from the very first email.  Do you think anything I've said to you is real?  I thought I could play the game.  I thought I could hold out until you told me that your fake daughter "Amanda" was ill and that you needed money but you were on the rig and couldn't access your account and wouldn't I send some since you love me so.

I just can't pretend to be stupid.  You barely write in proper English, so my guess is that you're part of the well known romance scam group that try to prey on people.  Not for one moment have I believed a word you've said.  In fact, it's been a huge joke on the internet since I have been posting everything you have said for everyone to see.

Do you really think a person who writes as well as I do would be remotely attracted to the illiterate, inane, stupid lines you use?  You can't even get the name I gave you correct, you can't spell the word "re" properly, your sentences make no sense and you surely don't know how to run a con.  You write like a foreigner...oh wait, that's what you are.

You see "Thomas", I work for a company that has 100s of fraud investigators world wide.  I could spend the time tracing your IP address or your non-fixed VoIP phone number, but I'm truly not that interested.

Consider yourself busted.  You don't even know my real name or if I'm even a woman.  For the record, no real man would write the shit you write and no real woman would believe it.

By the way, here is my real picture.  Go find someone else to believe your game. This person isn't.  

 I'm not sure why he didn't respond.

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