Friday, July 04, 2014

A Happiness That Cannot Easily Appear - Thomas Green Part Five

My friends, I left you hanging on, waiting for me to reveal to Mr. Hottie Green the nature of my favorite color.  Behold my response:

I am the best auntie in the world.  Thank you for the apology.  You really feel that way?  That I am filling up empty vacuum in your heart?  I am glad. (THAT WAS SO DIFFICULT TO TYPE WITH A STRAIGHT FACE) For so long I have wanted to make a loving man happy.  I want to please him in all ways, to make sure all his needs are met.  (SCREAMS SUBSERVIENT DOESN'T IT?)

I enjoy the beach, but much prefer the mountains.  It's makes me miss Vancouver when I think about the mountains and the snow.  One of the most beautiful places in Canada is Banff.  The mountains there are simply gorgeous and it is also quite nice in the summer.  Much cooler than in Texas.  While I enjoy nature, I am not much on fishing and camping unless I am "camping" in a 5 Star luxury hotel with all the amenities.

My favorite color? (YES I KNOW Y'ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS...DRUM ROLL PLEASE...)  Because I am an artist at heart and extremely creative, I would have to say my color is very unique.  I love puce.  It is such a deep, dramatic color, rich and bold.  I love it so much I have painted a room in my home that color.  It's very striking.  

So what do you do for entertainment when you are home?

My beloved's response:

Ah i love your confidence ,knowing to yourself as a best auntie in the world, Lol. Yes i mean every word i say hear (MAKE UP YOUR MIND, IS IT THE WORDS YOU SAY OR THE WORDS YOU HEAR?), the words we utter often makes us who we really are (THEREFORE YOU ARE A CONFIRMED LIAR, AS IF WE DIDN'T ALREADY FIGURE THAT OUT WITH YOUR VERY FIRST SENTENCE IN YOUR VERY FIRST EMAIL). There's the glimpse you create in me each time i see your writings,a happiness that cannot easily appear,cannot easily be shown (CANNOT EASILY APPEAR, CANNOT EASILY BE SHOWN...WOW I'M TOUGH) ,a smile worth more than measures you place on my face. it was as if my world stopped and paused not knowing you for those number of years i missed out. (OH HOLD ME, THOSE COMPLEX TURNS OF PHRASING ARE SOOO SEXY) its so lovely of you and so creative with fine art of your heart. Well my favorite color is Blue and Green. I like them because I love nature and most of the things in life consist of them. For example, the Sky is Blue while the Vegetation is Green,lol (GRASS WOULD HAVE BEEN EASIER TO SPELL). Am a passionate song listener,i try to create songs at heart even while i listen, read books,teach my daughter more about nature,life itself and more when am home. I try to live each day as it comes from the Lord. Describe your spirituality? How's your spiritual life?

What I sent him about my spirituality was factual to my faith in God.  Here is his response to my question about his denomination.  Please note how great his English has suddenly become.  I wonder if they have organized email categories from which they can cut and paste?

I’m Baptist. I was born and raised in a christian home, I have accepted Christ as my Savior. I try to live as God would have me to live my life.For me, I go to church every week, its very important to me. I go to church every week to praise the Lord for all what he has done in my life and also making me see a brighter day. I love to pray and sing(I am not that great, but the Lord only hears the beauty)
 I let the Holy Spirit fill me and guide me.. Tell me how was your day at work today ?

Apparently I didn't respond timely so I received this tidbit:

Are you okay ? or maybe busy and tired . Well its some times hectic i understand and its also late after so much work for you babe.(BABE?  OK, WE'VE JUST MOVED INTO TERMS OF ENDEARMENT)  Would you want to take a rest ? So you can wake up better.(NO BABE, I'M BRIGHT EYED AND BUSHY TAILED) I so much want the best for you too. Let me know which ever you indeed doing. (I'M THINKING ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE ACTUALLY) A pic of me,i feel you will love this.

I did shoot him an email asking about his denomination.  His response:

I accepted Christ before my adult age. I have always known a life without Christ is Crisis, lol. So i was raised ,probably in my youth age (WHAT?  RAISED?  LIKE HOISTED BY A BELT LOOP SO YOU HAVE A WEDGIE). I was sprinkled (INTERESTING, ALL THE BAPTISTS I KNOW HAVE BEEN FULLY IMMERSED, HENCE BAPTISM, YOU KNOW, SOMETHING JOHN THE BAPTIST DID...BUT HEY I MAY NOT KNOW THE BIBLE LIKE YOU THOMAS) ,i could remember it was never the same. All around me i felt the change like it was the day my life began. The candles around,the choirs ,choruses, the spirit within God's house.(YOU SURE YOU WEREN'T TRIPPING ON 'SHROOMS?)  I could remember rights i did wrong and more on same day (RIGHTS YOU DID WRONG?). It was one of my greatest moment i must say. It was worth more than any treasure ever had. No am home now ,its been great actually. I never take my eyes off my mail each time now,lol. Please pardon the way i express myself and feelings. If there's something you don't like about me,don't hesitate to tell me.(OH HONEY, WHERE DO I EVEN START?) Am ready to be for anything better you would prefer. Am your sub-ordinate (BOW DOWN BEFORE THE ONE YOU SERVE, YOU'RE GOING TO GET WHAT YOU DESERVE ... I HEART YOU NIN) ,while you remain an Angel in my world.(NOW I HAVE AEROSMITH IN MY HEAD) Tell me about your idea man?  (I'M YOUR IDEA MAN, STOP ME WHEN I'M PASSING BY...OH SORRY, THAT'S ICE CREAM MAN...MY BAD, GUESS YOUR FLAVORS AREN'T GUARANTEED TO SATISFY)

Part six will be tomorrow....Hope your 4th was happy happy!

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