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I Feel You Are Nice With Your Words of Expression - Thomas Green Part Trois

..but not as in menage a ...

If you have read my last post, I left you with his response.  Here is my reply to his email.  

Aren't we all imperfect?  How long have you been widowed?  How old is your daughter?  It must be so difficult to grow up without her mom and I'm sure it is such a challenge for you being both mother and father to her.  As a petroleum engineer, I am sure you travel quite a bit.  I'm sure that's difficult for her, you being gone so much.  That makes me sad. (BOOM, SHE PLAYS THE SYMPATHY CARD...THANK YOU THAT JACKPOT BELONGS TO ME!!!)

It's funny, I had always wanted to be a mom.  It's in my nature because I am a warm loving woman, but it was not God's plan for me.  I have since started praying for God to send me a wonderful man who has children so I could become a loving step-mother to his precious kids. (HERE IS A KERNEL OF TRUTH AMONG THE LIES)

I too love great conversation; however, sometimes you have to agree to disagree.  But I understand what you are saying about the difference between debate and an argument.  No one likes to be hurt and certainly it isn't kind to hurt your loved one.

I do have a mobile number but I'm not ready to give it out.  I don't know you.  So I would like to keep this to email for a while, until we know each other a bit more.

Warm regards,

His reply, mind you, his first email to me was May 30th.  We are now July 1st:

Yes we are imperfect,though we all strive for perfections (WHAT'S WRONG WITH MEDIOCRITY?  SOMETIMES PERFECTION IS TOO HARD TO HANDLE). I have been all alone for about 5yrs now and my daughter is 15.I think is a great gift meeting and knowing people in this life. I love travelling and have been to some other countries and places. I love to spend more time in family though i work offshore but i'm always there when you look,when you search and find.(SO WHAT YOU'RE SAYING IS THAT YOU'RE SOMEWHAT LIKE WALDO?  HE'S ALWAYS THERE WHEN YOU SEARCH AND FIND HIM) Sometimes its hard doing it alone i must say. Being a single parent haven't been to easy with me but i guess i accept each day as it comes from God if its part of my destiny routine ,smile. I feel you are nice with your words of expression (BECAUSE PEOPLE NEVER USE THEIR WORDS TO LIE, DO THEY?). You are kind but you have your path  and purpose in life to fulfill that is why we are here someone special can only Complete our circle. I feel there's always a great joy meeting people and i never regret a minute cos we happened to come together. Your wishes and desires are same with mine as well. To find a woman to love (I'M SORRY, I HAVE NO DESIRE TO FIND A WOMAN TO LOVE...I LURVE ME SOME MAN...IN FACT, I'M REALLY LIKING MY DARK HAIRED, DARK EYED, HANDSOMELY INTELLIGENT LATINO), some one my daughter can call not only a mother but a friend (FRIENDMOTHER, LIKE SISTERWIFE BUT NOT), I think she will be nicer growing up learning more from you and your ways. You might not see this from my own angle but i believe we both have a future in tomorrow Debbi.(GIVEN THAT TOMORROW IS THE FUTURE, I WOULD LIKE TO THINK THAT YES, I WILL HAVE A FUTURE IN IT.  I'M NOT READY TO MEET JESUS AT THE MOMENNT) We just didn't get to know people over night i believe,it takes time,a given period of time .If the chemistry is there. I so feel a great chemistry with you,is as if i found a life all again if i will say.(I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING...HON, IT'S BEEN 2 DAYS, SO I GUESS TECHNICALLY IT'S NOT OVER NIGHT) Mailing is indeed a nice step to take but i think life's too short complicating things. Am an affectionate man,emotional in person and would want to desire and treasure every moment with you Debbi (YES MY DARLING, TREASURE EVERY MOMENT WITH ME, BECAUSE I WILL BE BUSTING YOUR BALLS AT SOME POINT). I feel it will be nicer and better if you have had an instant yahoo messenger ,or even on skype . This can ease our talks and we can both have chatting time to get along more better than this.(HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH MORE BETTER) I want someone next to me,some one to grow old together with, someone to call my own,travel together with all adventures in it.(MY GUESS IS THAT YOU HAVE A GUY IN A CALL CENTER SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU, THAT'S SOMEONE) I will also love having some pics of you .

I leave you dear readers with my reply:

Oh dear, for her to have no one since she was 10?  I'm so sorry for both of you.  That simply breaks my heart. (NOT)

I have been so many places in my life.  I have been travelling internationally since I was 8 months old, so as a baby :)  I've most recently spent some time in India, specifically Mumbai.  I have a great many friends there due to the nature of my former employment.  I supervised staff there who performed some of our accounting functions.  I so love the country and the culture.  So much color.  I have the desire to be there for Diwali.  I have only seen pictures and it is simply stunning.  (TRUTH)

You are right, getting to know people does take time and while chemistry is important, so is honor, trust, and respect.  I have to be honest, I cannot say that I am feeling chemistry with you yet (NEVER HAVE, NEVER WILL), but I do know that I like what I am reading about you.(BAHAHAHAHAHAHA)  You sound like the type of man that I could become very interested in getting to know better. (SURE IF I WAS TOTALLY DESPERATE AND YOU WERE THE LAST MAN ON EARTH...NO, NO WAIT, I FIND A COCONUT PALM MORE INTERESTING THAN YOU)

I agree that life is very short; however, I am just not truly ready to leave email.  We've only just begun corresponding and I would like to know more about you through this format.  I promise you that we can move to yahoo messenger in time.  I hope you understand.

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