Sunday, July 06, 2014

You Look Really Sparking and Beautiful - Thomas Green Part 7

I'm awful.  I am lying through my eye teeth.  I tell the poor schmuck:

I had a wonderful night.  Thank you.  I thought about your smile from the last picture you sent.  I can't get your face out of my mind.  I hope you have a great day.  

I think I threw up a little at my own subterfuge.

His response:

Wow thank you so much . Am so delighted you had a wonderful night. I thought of you too. It will be really nice seeing more pics of you,seeing the better parts (EXACTLY WHAT PARTS ARE YOU REFERENCING) of our communication Debbi. How is everything going today? The weekend is around the corner . What are your weekend plans ? How are the kids ,i mean your little nieces. (OBVIOUSLY YOU DON'T PAY ATTENTION. I SAID I HAVE NIECES AND NEPHEWS) My regards ...

So I sent an old picture that if you do a Google image search, nothing comes up :)  Yes, I'm that good.

His response to the picture:

Wow you look really sparking and beautiful (SPARKING?  IF I WAS A UNICORN I'D SHOOT SPARKLES OUT MY BUTT.  IS THAT SIMILAR?) ,i think you should be proud of your looks and gorgeous smile..Am sorry for the last message ,it was a mistake . Ah thanks for asking after my daughter ,she's fine . I talk more about you to her each day to make her understand your wonderful nature ("SHE" IS 15, WHAT IS THERE TO UNDERSTAND; HOWEVER, SHE IS A MYTHICAL CREATURE LIKE MY UNICORN). I don't have such a huge plans for weekend but i thought of talking to you for weekend (FOOL IT'S 4TH OF JULY HERE AND YOU DON'T EVEN REALIZE IT),i think that should be better. I also have a plan on taking my daughter out to a nice place may be.

Oh how I lie, like a big dog :) but hey I finally have horses :D

Well I won't be around much this weekend.  With all the big celebrations happening, especially on the East Coast, I would have thought you two would go out.  This is such a special time to honor the nation's forefathers and defenders both past and present.

I can't wait to spent the day with family tomorrow.  There will be 23 people in attendance.  I'm the only single one.  But I have some cool gifts for all the kids.  I hope we will get an opportunity to take the horses out for a good ride.

I keep my horses at my parents' ranch.(RANCH STYLE HOME, THAT IS...OOPS FORGOT THOSE OTHER TWO WORDS)  I have two beautiful rides, a quarter horse named Presidio. He's a gelding.  I also have a stunning palomino named Jezebel.  She is a mare. I'll send you some pictures when I'm on my computer so you can show your daughter.

What is her name?

I'll continue the way, I pilfered some stunning pictures of horses to share with his mythical daughter.  I'm so bad in such a good way!

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