Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Hope You Are Having A Warm Evening - Thomas Green, Part Deux

His reply to my "where are you from..."

  Good day to you and a happy new month. I hope you had better night ? Ah am sorry for replying your message now but am just seeing it. Am from Newark, New Jersey. Tell me more about you, what do you do for a living ? where are you from? How's your day like today ? 
Hoping to hear from you soon..

Here is where the fun begins...the fact that I can lie with a straight face to this idiot should be vaguely disturbing; however, since I am dealing with an idiot, I think I'm safe.  

Hi Tom,

I had a great night.  It's okay about replying late.   I am sure you are very busy with work and what not.(I AM SO DARN EMPATHETIC)  Newark?  I have some friends in Trenton, is that close?  (I DON'T HAVE FRIENDS IN NEW JERSEY)

What would you like to know about me?  I'm divorced, with no kids.  I love to travel internationally and do so quite often.  I am a director of accounts receivable so I manage a staff of 3 managers who have a staff of 10 each reporting to them.  (LIES, LIES, LIES, YEAH! TAKE THAT SUCKER)

I am originally from Vancouver, Canada, but while I was married, we moved to Texas and I have been here ever since.  I am hoping to go back to Canada to live some day, probably when I retire.  But who really knows.  I love Hawaii and have a beach home on Kauai, I just can't live there full time because I enjoy the cold weather.  (YOU ARE GOING TO EVENTUALLY ASK ME FOR MONEY, SO I MIGHT AS WELL MAKE SURE THAT YOU THINK I HAVE IT...ANYONE WANT TO GO STAY IN MY BEACH HOUSE WITH ME?)

So what do you do?  Tell me a little about yourself:

His reply, email #3 from him I believe

Wow you amazed me (I HAVE THAT AFFECT ON MANY PEOPLE) and i must confess that was a perfect introduction.I really love the way you write and put words together (REALLY?  I'M SURE YOU DO.  IT SHOULD GIVE YOU A HELP WITH THE NEXT PERSON YOU ATTEMPT TO CON). Well yes i'm busy with things and a lot more . Hmmm what to say about myself? I'm an average man ,imperfect i must say,who believes in the lord almighty. I have a teenage daughter who means a lot more to me. I'm a widower and have been alone for some time now with no one next to me.  I'm working as a petroleum Engineer. (DANGER PHRASES HAVE BEEN UNDERLINED.  THERE MUST BE A TEMPLATE BECAUSE IT'S ALWAYS THE SAME) I would like to find someone to enjoy some of my free time with. Someone serious for a change to talk to and be best of friends with for starters,I cherish friendship and considered it a great gift or favor from God. And see where the road leads us. I love quality conversation and a great debate.. I know the difference between a debate and an argument. I'm a lover, not a fighter Cos i hate to be hurt and when my soul mate is hurt, then I'm also hurt,lol. (VOMITING IN MY MOUTH AGAIN) I guess that was a heartful words.(WHAT, HE'S COMPLIMENTING HIS OWN WORDS OR THOSE STOLEN FROM SOMEONE ELSE) Do you have a mobile number ? Or maybe instant messenger ? So we can chat better. I'm really keen on knowing you better Debbi (SPELL MY NAME RIGHT, AND YOU STILL WON'T HAVE A CHANCE) Hope you having a warm evening? (NO DANG IT, I HAVE AC, IT MAKES THE SUMMERS PALATABLE IN TEXAS)

There will be more posts...stay tuned :)

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