Friday, June 13, 2014

Contentment That Reaches Down To The Very Depths Of Your Soul

It's like gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe, but not.....

This is the final installment of Stephen.  My reply to his email (see Butterflies In My Stomach post) was rather to the point.  I told him that he was setting himself up for disappointment (in other words, I'm just not that into you) and that he was very intense (cra cra on display).  This is his reply:

Good day Sunshine (OHH A BEATLES FAN, STILL NOT ENOUGH TO INTEREST ME). Rise and shine for today is yours.I am very happy that i have this wonderful opportunity to communicate with you, But i would like to know how you feel about meeting me and the plans you have for the future if this should work between us. (WHAT THE...ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? NUTJOB)  I do have faith in the lord to make it work but it also depends on us and how serious and committed we are.(COMMITTED, YES YOU NEED TO BE IN A STRAIGHT JACKET)  It has been 5 years now since my late wife passed on and you are right it has not been easy for my daughter and me either because its very hard trying to be both a mother and a father to her. The most challenging part is that she is at this Age when she really needs the love of a woman and someone to direct her in the right path. I know she talks to me about almost everything but i do know that there are some things she cannot tell me as i am not a woman. She has told me that before.  I do travel mostly internationally for my Job and when i do there is a Nanny to take care of my daughter, She is an elderly lady i met from church and she has been helping me take care of her since the past 3 years (SINCE THE PAST 3 YEARS?  I'VE HEARD SPEAKING LIKE THIS BY MY BELOVED INDIAN FRIENDS) She really loves Melissa and care for her just like her own daughter. There is so much for us to talk about my dear but i am a very patient man and would take it one day at a time so that we would not have to rush into anything. (SMH...THERE ARE NO WORDS...3RD MAYBE 4TH EMAIL.  DELUSIONAL DUFUS) I believe what God has planned will always come to pass and there is no reason to rush. You really do not have to be scared,(OBVIOUSLY YOU DON'T KNOW ME CUZ I AIN'T SKEERED) I understand you have been hurt (TRUE, BUT I'M FIXING TO PUT A TEXAS GIRL HURTIN' ON YOU) in the past but so have I, We cannot let our past get the best of us, I want you to see it all as a stepping stone to something and someone (YOU'RE GETTING REDUNDANT IN YOUR COPY PASTE, YOU'VE SAID THIS IN EVERY EMAIL) better and believe in your heart that everything happens for a reason. God will direct your path to only success because you are a christian and you believe in Him.


I was just laying in my bed a while ago thinking about my life and how things has changed ever since i lost my late wife, you know i used to have the perfect life I always wanted and dreamed of. We did everything together and did not hide anything from each other, we were a team! This is the kind of relationship i want where  we  can both feel comfortable talking about everything and anything and no one would feel shy and neither of us would judge each other as we are not perfect. I am not very open like this when talking about myself but with you i feel like i can trust you. I also have my Fears too Debbie,(INSERT WOMAN'S NAME HERE) But i have surrendered everything into the hands of God and i believe he would take control of the situation. I just want you to be open with me and not be afraid to tell me how you feel, Communication is the key to every successful relationship,(YOU'VE READ MEN ARE FROM MARS, HAVEN'T YOU) In other for this to work we both have to be ready to Trust each other(BECAUSE SOMEHOW BEING A SERIAL SCAMMER ELICITS OVERWHELMING FEELINGS OF TRUST). I would not like to be led on Debbie, (LIES LIES LIES, YEAHH THEY'RE GONNA GET YOU..THIS IS WHERE I STARTED LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY ) If you do not feel comfortable continuing this relationship, please let me know. I would not like to be heart broken. I am just writing you this letter to let you know you have been in my thoughts and your beautiful face is all i can see when i close my eyes. (WHY YES, I DID THROW UP IN MY MOUTH...REALLY, BARELY KNOW ME, ALL YOU HAVE ARE MY PICTURES ON MY PROFILE AND ALL YOU SEE IS MY BEAUTIFUL FACE?  HOW DO YOU KNOW I'M NOT A CROSS DRESSING TRANNY (NO OFFENSE INTENDED TO CDTS)) please do not let your past weigh you down okay, think positive at all times and believe in your heart that God is directing your footsteps.(HE IS...IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION FROM YOU, FOOL)

I am praying that throughout your everyday life, there will be joy in every hour of your journey,happiness  in your eyes and laughter in your voice. Contentment that reaches down to the very depths of your soul. Peace in your mind and love in your heart. be one of those rare and beautiful times you'll always remember fondly. A time when hope is restored and dreams come true. (DOES YOUR MIND EVER HEAR THE TEACHER FROM CHARLIE BROWN'S SCHOOL...MINE DOES) And may you take comfort in knowing that I'm there and I care about you.Remember you are always with me in my heart and my thoughts praying that all your day be bless with love and happiness from heaven,(THERE REALLY ARE NO WORDS...BECAUSE HE'S USED THEM ALL...SHEESH)  Have a lovely day out there. Thanks for opening up the way you did my dear, You have only succeeded in making me want you more (GROSS, GROSS, DOUBLE GROSS). Sorry i do not mean to be intense just trying to express the deep emotions in my heart.(WHAT ABOUT THE DEEP DISCONNECT IN YOUR BRAIN)  You are right there are a lot of women here but i can also imagine a lot of handsome men where you are too. I am a very busy man and my job mostly take me away. And beside i do not go out a lot except when i am home with my daughter, If you would like to Skype so we can video call and get to see each other you can add me as a contact on STEPHEN DEVLINS  i would also love to talk to you on the phone an dear your voice…My Phone # is 210-463-4285 (WHY DO YOU HAVE A SAN ANTONIO TEXAS AREA CODE??? IS THAT WHERE THE CALL CENTER IS LOCATED? I WOULD HAVE GUESSED OFFSHORE)  i am really putting in my best to make sure we get the best of each other.. i am hoping you would do the same too. I would have to close this letter here and wait till i get a response back from you.. Take care and God bless you always

How can any woman believe this drivel?  I know there are many and it pains me greatly.  I want to tell them, RUN, DO NOT WALK, BUT RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION.  

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