Sunday, June 08, 2014

I Will Be Looking Greatly Forward To Read Back From You Pretty Soon

Having decided to play along with the game after the previous email, when his plea for my email address came, I gave him my hotmail address.  I don't really use it for anything other than junk.  I though he was junk, so here you go.  You have my address.

My response to his email from yesterday's post, went something like this:

Stephen, thank you for your email.  That was quite an introduction.  Since your membership is going to end, here is my email address.  Look forward to hearing more about you.

I received this along with 6 pictures:

Hi Dear, i am so Glad that you gave me your email address on the site,  I would really love to communicate with you because i feel that you are a nice and wonderful lady (YOU ARE MAKING ASSUMPTIONS, ALBEIT CORRECT) and we might share a lot of common interest. I'm dropping a yellow rose that signify friendship, I will love to be a friend and get to know you more and perhaps see how things go between us because nobody knows what God has in store for us. (BLECH, BUT SURE, USE THE YELLOW ROSE OF FRIENDSHIP AND CONTINUE TO PLAY THE GOD CARD) Please let me know if my rose is accepted, I will be looking greatly forward to read back from you pretty soon.(GIGGLESNORT, CHUCKLE, REALLY?  I HAD TO READ THAT SENTENCE TWICE) I have also attached a few of my photos to this email so you can see my physical appearance. (WHAT AMERICAN MAN WRITES LIKE THAT)  I just hope you would like it. (THE PICTURES DID SHOW AN ATTRACTIVE GUY, BUT I'M SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER) Please send me a response on receipt of this email and also share some more info about yourself too so i can know you more better.(MO BETTAH, MO BETTAH, MO BETTAH)  I hope to read from you again soon. God bless you..

At least this was shorter than his introductory, look at me I'm an amazing, wonderful, guy, why wouldn't you want me, email.  I did not respond to this email immediately.  By immediately, I mean within 4 hours.  I let him stew for a day.  Do you know he forwarded the email to me again?  Idiot thought he had a live one on the line and wanted to make sure I was completely hooked.

I have a pretty decent instinct about people and I knew this guy was full of it, but I wanted to see where he was going to take it.  I wrote back.  Let the games continue....

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