Saturday, June 07, 2014

Waiting To Read From You

I'm waiting to read from you?  Um, ok.  How about, "I'm waiting to hear from you," "I look forward to your response."   As so begins the short lived saga of Stephen aka Freak2.

It started with a SMILE.  On Christian Mingle a "smile" is a canned opener, a pre-written ice breaker.  Some of the smiles are Cheese Factor Warp 10.  Others are a bit less so.  Stephen sent a smile and I responded innocuously with "Thank you for the smile."  Below is what I received in return.  Enjoy the running commentary.

Hi dear, (YOU DON'T KNOW ME, DON'T CALL ME DEAR) My Name is Stephen, i am very honored to get a message from you, when i sent you the smile earlier i just sat and thought if you would ever respond back to me because there is no photo on my profile. but i am glad you did which is a good thing, Probably a step to something better. (A LITTLE THICK THERE BUDDY) I did upload some photos on my profile but for some reason it did not appear on there, i think its because of the sizes, i contacted the customer service and they promised to get it fixed but to no Avail. well  I hope this message will meet you Good (I AM MILDLY AMUSED BY THAT SENTENCE) I'll be happy to be friends with you and to share words of life together, I am looking for a good and honest relationship with a woman i can hopefully spend the rest of my life with, (DANGER, A PREPOSITION DANGLER) I find you very interesting and it would be wonderful if we both establish a connection with each other and try to know more about ourselves (I KNOW ABOUT MYSELF, DO WE REALLY NEED TO TRY TO KNOW MORE ABOUT OURSELVES) . what do you think?  (I THINK A LOT OF THINGS, MOSTLY THAT THIS IS GOING NO WHERE, BUT I'LL HAVE SOME FUN WITH YOU FIRST)
> >
> >I will tell you a little about myself.(WHY?  I DIDN'T ASK FOR THE INFORMATION)  I have been a single for 5 years ,I am good at heart, open minded, inquisitive, I enjoy learning whether in a formal interactions with people and other cultures. I set goals and chase after them, believing that life is best experienced when lived (WOULD BE HARD TO EXPERIENCE LIFE IF YOU'RE DEAD, SO YES IT'S BEST WHEN LIVED). I am looking for someone to journey with me in the adventure of life. I have a heart of supporting others through difficult times. I am an Understanding and intuitive to know what someone wants, but most importantly what they may not want. I am very happy and content with the life God gave me and choose to go forward not backward, I look for the same with someone I would spend time with. Confident not arrogant, a lover not a fighter and genuine not a poser. (BLAH BLAH BLAH)
> >
> >I was born into a catholic family but later grew up to become a pentecostal. I am passionate about the things I love and love to do (REDUNDANT MUCH).I also enjoy spending good time with the less privileges at the orphanage homes and old peoples home and being creative with my hands in general. I find myself outside a lot, and camping. I don’t watch much TV, but when I do, I like reality shows, love stories. Dancing is a passion. A great portion of my free time is spent dancing. That can be in the form of taking lessons, teaching lessons or social dancing. Learning and practicing the intricacies of various dance forms, especially swing, is an important part of my life.(HE MUST BE AWARE THAT WOMEN SAY THEY WANT A MAN WHO CAN DANCE. I FALL INTO THAT CATEGORY BUT ONLY IF YOU LOOK LIKE MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY) I take pleasure in the sights and sounds of nature from the backyard as the sun sets. The moon always intrigues me. For me it reveals a sense of awe of God’s creation, as does most of nature. (IS THERE A MANUAL FOR THE SCHMOOZING OF CHRISTIAN WOMEN BY A SCAM ARTIST. LETS BRING GOD AND NATURE INTO PLAY...WOMEN LOVE THAT STUFF)
> >I
> >Well I am willing to relocate for the right woman and that should not be a problem at all. (I BET YOU ARE)
> >
> >PS: I subscribed for a month but my subscription ends soon probably tomorrow, i would really appreciate if you could send me your email address or phone number so we can communicate when it ends because i do not think i would be subscribing any more as i did not find any luck here. i am not good with this and it is really frustrating. i would send photos of me to your E-mail Address when i get it okay. Thanks  (INTERESTING, YOU'VE PLAY THE GOD, NATURE, ORPHANS, ELDERLY, SUBSCRIPTION ENDING CARD.  I'M ALREADY ON TO YOUR GAME, SO I'LL PLAY FOR A LITTLE WHILE)

Again, I know some women might fall for this, but I'm jaded.  Words have power regardless, so you have to use them carefully.  These were overused and the bright red freak flag went flying.  More to come as each email was like this...truly some amusing stuff.

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