Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Where My History Begins: The Office Day 2 9/22/11

Traffic on the way towards Day Two in the office. It's a quick drive from the hotel to the complex. I've been riding shotgun and I can tell you, I've squealed a number of times. Our driver, Sharad, is da bomb and just as cute as he can be. But that's beside the point. We get to the office, grab our ID badges and off to the conference room.

We talk about keeping US hours, but arriving at the office at 4:30PM is 6:00AM our time. Not to mention, I am generally up around 1:30PM (3:00AM at home) to get ready then make our way downstairs for a bite to eat. Don't care what you say, these aren't US Hours. Teams usually don't get here until 5:30, so we have an hour to download email and attempt some semblance of normalcy with our "regular" job.

I'm still tired, but have a lot to do with my teams; who I met yesterday. I don't even know where to start with this. It's my first trip and I'm a bit overwhelmed. I'm already being pulled into meetings and that's so much fun. Just trying to figure my way around here and to be honest, I'm totally scared to walk back to the floor on my own. I know it's silly but this isn't my office.

Dangit all! Stupid adapter won't stay in the wall and my laptop battery keeps dying. Connections in this place are HORRIBLE. Ok, that's a bit harsh. I'll say it's less than stellar. And if I hear one more person complain about something, I will lose my mind. Seriously, team, SUCK IT UP. We only have 3.5 days left in the office. Yes, it's cold in the conference room, wear a jacket. At least we have AC, a supply of water, and diet cokes. I'm happy and will survive without incessantly complaining.

Oh good, I can tag along with someone going to the floor. I'll have the hang of this tomorrow. Ok, it's kinda unnerving to walk through the first bullpen and have every head turn and stare. I'm sure by the time we leave, we will no longer be a novelty. Right now, I want to smile, wave and say "Hi y'all, how ya doing and please quit staring."

And it's really no different on the floor with my teams. You can see every pair of eyes focus on the door when we walk in. Again, unnerving, but since it's my first time there and having the client visiting only happens once a year, I can see why it happens.

So my teams, wow, my head is swirling; but it has been really wonderful to place names and faces. I know all of collection and PI, but Recon is still a mystery, even though I met all of them yesterday. I've left them alone to focus on the processes with the most challenges, i.e. collections.

Oh collections, the source of much anxiety for me. I really want to sit down with Dipesh and tear apart the process, hopefully we'll have time. I'm going to sit with Asif. He's a young gun and is showing a great deal of promise. If he was to shave his head, he'd look like my cousins Ed and Bill. I kid you not, I see my family wandering around Mumbai, so weird to actually kinda fit in. Have a chat with Asif for a couple of hours. I like what I hear from him.

Need to have a chat with my brother from another mother, Prashant. What a gem!!! Every one thinks so highly of him, including me. Great attitude, very intelligent, willing to express his opinions. I've been lucky to have established a relationship with him via IM so I don't feel so alone on the sea of new faces. I mean, I know names, but haven't really had conversations of a non-work nature with anyone else. Good to have a "friend" in the mix.

Now I'm off to meet with Kali on the PI team. He's a gem too! We have much to discuss, the PI team and myself. There are a few things that need fixing but we're getting there.

I'm here, there, and everywhere! By the time I get settled down it will be time to leave and I'll have barely scratched the surface. I can tell I needed a minimum of 3 weeks if not 4. I've warmed up to being here. Everyone has made it impossible do dislike it.

It's so different being in the office with everyone. So much easier than managing at a distance. I can build on a relationship with a person, not just a disembodied voice on the phone. I can see the reactions when I say something and not just hear "Yes" on the phone. I can guage if there is real understanding or if there is simply agreement for the sake of agreement.

Yay, I've been invited to see the cafeteria and to have a cup of coffee! Someone on my team says I am brave to drink the coffee. Seriously, I am already annoyed by some of the attitudes. I'm going to drink the coffee. The water has been boiled. I am not going to get sick and I am damn sure not going to disrespect our hosts. Ugh, I totally get why Americans have such an awful reputation.

Avinash shows up with a "sambar" I think...looks like doughnuts in a tomato sauce with a piece of "drumstick" on it. He offers to let me try but I decline. It looks interesting. So we have discussion about "drumsticks" which is apparently a vegetable. Maybe I'll get lucky and see one while we are out and about over the weekend.

I get back to the conference room, download a ton of email and the next thing I know it's time to go. We have got to quit leaving at 1:00-1:30...really there isn't enough time!!

Wonder if I can get Karen to buy off on me staying a bit longer. I don't mind traveling by myself and I have the feeling I'm really, really going to enjoy it here.

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