Thursday, October 06, 2011

Where My History Begins: I Feel Pretty Oh So Pretty 9/26/11

Maybe I should say pretty pudgy...haha! Ok this is the sum total of my clothes shopping in India and I can tell you I want more. The blue churidar kameez is the most comfortable clothing I've ever worn. Aside from that here is the story.

Over the weekend, we went shopping. I especially wanted a shalwar kameez until I discovered these. I slipped into the blue and knew it was mine immediately. Love the color and unfortunately you cannot see the embroidered detail, but it's cream and silver. LOVE IT.

So those of us who had purchased clothing decided to wear it all to the office on Monday. I'm not sure what reaction everyone else got, but for me it was very similar to the mehendi. If nothing else, being in India sure made me feel good about myself. Any time a guy utters the word "beautiful" you can't help but feel kinda special.

As strange as it may sound, I really felt at home in the clothes. It was nice enough for the office, could wear it out, but it was still girlie and it made me want to twirl around in a circle. This is the only Indian clothing that I own so it's all very special to me.

The red...what can I say about the red, but WOW! Cannot wait to wear it at Christmas. I might even get some portraits made in it.

Every time I wear these, I'll feel pretty, oh so pretty!

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Anonymous said...

you are absolutely stunning in the blue!!!! I can't wait to see you in the red! -Linda