Saturday, August 16, 2008

Random Thoughts at 12:12 AM

It's Saturday morning, early!!! Wired up, but I suppose the iced tea I just finished is contributing to my awakeness. That, and I'm watching the Olympics on my DVR. God Bless the DVR. Such a nifty creation. I can blow through inane commercial and past athletic performances I don't care to see.

The beauty DVR is being able to rewind Michael Phelps AMAZING 1/100th of a second GOLD medal win in the 100m least 20 times. The kid is simply amazing. A freak of nature, but amazing nonetheless.

Guess I should try to go to bed now. I'm off to my church's newest campus in Roanoke. I have no idea why they picked Roanoke, but God does the leading. Except for Sundays' after service...I'm leading myself straight to Babe's Chicken for the BEST fried chicken and/or chicken fried steak...mmm mmm good!

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