Thursday, August 07, 2008

Guitar Lessons - Week 4

Well friends, I had a three week break from guitar lessons. The school closes for three weeks in the summer. Nice!! I practiced like a fiend for weeks one and two. I was a complete slacker for week 3. I'll just say it showed when Jeff asked me to run my scale.

Milli Vanilli may have blamed it on the rain; however, I will blame my suckiness on my missing nails. The solar nails finally came off. Ok, so I helped them come off and my natural nails are a sad sight to see. In two months, if not sooner, they will be back to normal. Until then, I will shred them on the strings.

So, I break out what I learned. Big mistake. I now have more difficult material. I've spent three weeks with open strings. Now I actually have to use the fret board. Seriously, I have to pick with 4 fingers on my right hand and fret with the left. I'm lacking some coordination.

Jeff, God bless him, says I've gone from walking to jogging. Jeff doesn't know this, but I don't jog. I think I'm crawling. Anyway, I spent an hour practicing tonight. I called my bestest guy friend in the whole entire world and forced him to listen to me totally screw up "Study #12." Mike was nice enough to say kind things about what I played for him. I'm sure he was making it up. That's ok, he'll have many more opportunities to hear me practice on the phone.

On a positive note, I replaced all the strings on my guitar. All by myself! Thank you internet. Jeff said the wraps on the headstock were as professional as a luthier. I may not be able to play "Study #12" well, but I can change my strings with a fierceness.

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