Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why Did Hillary's Campaign Call Me?

....Desperation Emits A Certain Stench...

Last Saturday, I was spending the afternoon with my sister, offering some adult company. While I was out, I received a call. Unfortunately, or fortunately for “Fran”, I was not able to take her call. From my answering machine:

Hello Indie67. This is Fran with the Hillary Clinton Campaign. I am calling to remind you that the Texas primary is on March 4th. We would like your support. So remember to vote March 4th and if you would like any other information, please visit us at


I don't know you Fran, so do not use my given name. You can address me as Miss _____ (insert surname here.) I do not like strangers speaking to me so familiarly. You don't know me.

Fran, have you even seen my voting record? I am a registered Republican. I am a conservative; a part of that vast right wing conspiracy upon which Frau Clinton likes to lay blame for many failings of her party? As much as I dislike the heir apparent for the Republican nomination, I would never vote for Hillary.

Did you call me with hopes that you could play the gender card? That I would consider Hillary because she is a woman? Wrong. In my lifetime so far, there has been one woman who garnered my respect and admiration as a political figure. That person was Margaret Thatcher. Dearest Fran, Hill is no Margaret Thatcher.

Maybe in your Hill-induced delirium you assumed I agree with her policies. Fran, Frannie, Fran, you are wrong again. She is doing her best to impose socialism on my country. Could it be that Hill is on the verge of Obamafacation? Her lead is slip, sliding away. Is she really so desperate that her campaign would call people who would never vote for her? Sadly enough, Hillary is the more conservative of the Dem nominee hopefuls. Still, I shudder at the thought of either one assuming the presidency.

Might I make a bold suggestion? Perhaps you should know more about who you are calling.

In this case, your ignorance would not have been bliss. I sure regret missing that call; if only to hang up when the words "Hillary Clinton Campaign" came out of your mouth.

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Russet Shadows said...

Now that was an article. I think my monitor got KO'd with the elegant but visceral left jab of the prose. This phrase stood out -- "Hill-induced delirium". Excellent!