Monday, February 25, 2008

Making Change

….28 minus 18 equals?….

Tonight, I pulled into a local fast food joint, much to the dismay of my vital organs. I placed my order, received my total and followed the young man’s instructions to drive to the last window.

My total was $5.18, so I gave the guy $5.28; anticipating a dime back. How many of you have done that same thing? It’s a way to clean out pennies from the old pocketbook. I do this all the time. I watched as this kid puts the three pennies on the counter and enters in $5.25. He returns with my change. A nickel and two pennies as the cash register told him to return $.07 plus the three pennies I had given him.

As he handed me the change, I said, "I gave you $0.28 so you’d give me a dime back." He laughed. I could see that I stumped him with that one. Seriously, he had no idea what I meant. You know that vacant, “duh” look some people get when they have no idea what you’ve just said in plain, logical English? The look which incites concern for the gene pool. The poor kid, he did the only thing he could do. He asked if I wanted any condiments.

You can’t make change, but have the ability use the word “condiments"? I am willing to bet “condiments” are explained in the employee handbook. Don’t worry, the register will tell you how much change to return to the customer. It is much more important to make sure the customer leaves with the condiments of their choice.

I’ll have a packet of ketchup with my dime, please.

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Russet Shadows said...

I'd hope that it was his first few days or he's got one difficult life ahead of him! Then again, maybe you fit some fantasy he had and he just couldn't think straight. So it could have been your fault. Heh.