Sunday, February 24, 2008

How E-Mail Can Get You Into A Fix


A member of my company's general legal counsel was a bit overzealous when it came to informing us of the upcoming primary.

From the email:

You might have also heard about the "super-delegates" who could end up deciding the democratic nominee. These super-delegates are under lots of pressure right now to announce their support for one candidate or the other. You have the option to encourage them to let the voters decide between the candidates and then to support the candidate who wins the popular vote and caucus. To do so, you can sign a petition at this link:

I took exception to a couple of items in the email. First, specifics were given for one county. Many of the employees live in other counties. Why not go to the state's voter site and give generalities to cover all the counties? Second and most irritating, I believe it is highly inappropriate for legal counsel to suggest that employees visit a party specific organization to participate in a poll.

I know the person who wrote the email, and I am sure no malice was intended; however, I was very uncomfortable that an attorney would be putting that type of information out there. I realize that many people are not savvy voters. Many do not exercise their constitutional right to vote, which is a shame. But, to exert pressure in a partisan direction? From your company attorney?

Can you say "ginormous oops!"?

I can.

P.S. I sent the attorney the state's link. She thanked me and said I could send it out as she got into trouble for the last part of her email. Ya think?

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