Friday, February 22, 2008

Intercessory Prayer - Part II

…The Miracle of My Time….

I have previously posted my thoughts on intercessory prayer. Specifically, our direct connection to God and using said connection when we pray. I do not believe in offering prayers to deceased saints. The dead cannot hear nor speak on our behalf.

I am the first to admit that I do not pray with the consistency I should. That is my burden to bear and something I am working to resolve. However, when my Aunt Monica was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer in 2007, I can say that I, among numerous others, prayed diligently for her recovery. I asked my friends to pray. My sister asked our church. Our parents asked their church. Aunt Barbara requested prayer services from her church. My Aunt Monica and Uncle Tom asked their church and friends.

I saw my Aunt Monica in July 2007 shortly after the birth of her 7th grandchild. She was looking as well as could be expected after being bombarded with toxic chemicals in an attempt to save her life. Her hair had grown back, she was buoyant and vivacious. But the shadow of cancer hovered. The mass was not shrinking as much as the doctors had hoped; especially after 6 months of chemo.

The next day she traveled back home and visited her doctor. The mass was still present and the fluid on her lungs continued to build. The doctor made a decision to insert a drainage tube. My aunt said the drainage tube was the most uncomfortable part of having cancer. Shortly after the tube was inserted, some 3 to 4 weeks, she returned to the doctor for her next scan.

August 2007, the scan revealed something surprising. The mass was gone. Vanished. Disappeared. Non-existent. Her doctor, understandably astonished, said, “You must have had a lot of people praying for you.” Yes!!! Yes, she did. My aunt had many people praying for her; and those prayers were acknowledged by the Great Physician.

So my friends, here is my proof that intercessory prayer does work. With prayer, faith, and God’s work clearly evident; how can you not intercede on behalf of others?

Prayers are answered. Some in direct, tangible ways; others in ways we choose not to see.

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Russet Shadows said...

I'm glad you wrote this up. It is a true and powerful testament to the power of prayer. The closing shot is also strong. God is faithful, but man can blind himself to God's glories if he so foolishly chooses.