Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tijuana Sunburn's like a tequila sunrise, but not...

Got to hang out with my pal from high school. She moved back to Texas after a 15 year absence. Two kids and one ex-husband later, she's home. We decided to try out a new little hole in the wall based on the recommendation of her neighbor.

Oh my. I had Ragin' Cajun Shrimp Tacos. Da bomb...but even better, the grande Tijuana Sunburn. It was listed under the heading: "Margarita Therapy". Needless to say I've been in need of therapy for the last couple of months. All I know is this 'rita had tequila and cranberry juice...and it sure was purty.

Three sips and my head was spinning. I nursed it for an hour while eating queso (also da bomb) and dinner. I'm not one for going out and getting ripped anymore, but I will say this was a nice pre-vacation buzz.

And you know what happens when three single women get together over tequila...well I can't tell you. Revealing the mystery of women is against the rules.

I will say that my tolerance for alcohol is greatly diminished and I'm certainly not as young as I used to be. I had to call it a night as I have responsibilities early in the morning...ugh....thank goodness we fall back an hour.

Anyway...if anyone goes to Baja in Grapevine...get a Tijuana rocks!!

And now the joy of buzzing is gone...tequila does not hamper the capacity for smelling.

One of the dogs just farted. Ewwww!


hugbandit7 said...

so it sounds like you need to take us there so we can enjoy the Tequila Sunburn!

Russet Shadows said...

Why animals must pass gas is something I will ask God when I stroll through those gemmed gates.