Friday, November 07, 2008


No, I did not fall asleep on the keyboard. I'm prepping for my trip to the big island of Hawaii in a scant 8 days. This trip has been planned for a about long range planning. And the cherry on top...we're flying FIRST CLASS, BABY!!!

But back to the post title. This is the state fish of Hawaii, I believe. The word itself is larger than the fish. And frankly, it's just fun to say. Come on class, let's try, altogether, slowly...who moo who moo new koo new koo ah poo ah ah. See, that wasn't so bad.

Anyway, I've not been to the Big Island before, so I am very excited. I'm going with two of my best girlfriends. One of them is bringing her hubby. So we'll have a male presence. I know, boy cooties. It's ok though. There are times when the island gods require a sacrificial male. He'll come in handy, I'm sure. And knowing that his lovely wife reads this blog, she knows I'm only kidding. I only pick on him out of love.

We are visiting an island that is still being created. How cool is that? Kilauea has been continuously erupting for over 20 years. Sometimes it is lava, sometimes it is steam and ash. I'm hoping for an evening adventure to see the hot glow of lava spilling into the water.

On tap for this adventure: ATV tour, Volcanoes National Park, green and black sand beaches, maybe some snorkeling.

I'm ready. Mentally, I'm exhausted. It's been another rough year at work. Layoffs, people leaving, hiring, they all bring their own unique challenges. I've weathered this storm, but it takes its toll. So, I need this. I need to take myself away from it all.

It's off to an earthly paradise. Aloha!

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hugbandit7 said...

know you know how long it took me to find him, I don't want to start over! LOL