Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last Minute Vacation Burblings

So the plane is scheduled to take off in 8 hours and 14 minutes. I haven't made it to bed yet. Don't get me wrong, I am packed and ready to go. It's all the last minute things I want to do, but haven't done. Being sick for a week sapped my energy. Anyway, here I am posting a final pre-vacation blog.

It's funny how things start to weigh on your mind before you leave. Did I put my out of office on my email and voice mail? Will things explode at work? I have capable folks who can handling things when I'm not there.

Will my dogs be okay at the vet's office? Mollie didn't want to go, she ran back over to me for a hug. Finn could care less. Fickle male creature.

It's supposed to get very cold (a relative term in Texas). Will the house be okay?

Will I be able to sleep on the plane? I have plans on putting my headphones on and snoozing. Of course I'm thinking it's a darn shame that I've given up drinking sodas. I love gingerale when I'm traveling. I'm not sure why, but that's my drink of choice.

Who is going to miss me? I'm traveling with two of my girlfriends. I have a couple more that wish they could go. And my best guy friend, well, how can he miss someone who already lives 1500 miles away?

I'll miss my folks, my sister and nephews. They have put in their request for buggy cars with surfboards on the top. Boys...don't they know a coconut would be so much more fun?

Well, it's time to stop rambling. I need to clean the kitchen.

I'll post upon my return.

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