Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Russet Shadows

...WELCOME to Random Jumbled Thoughts...


Yes, the world is coming to an end. I have allowed a member of the opposite sex to post on my blog (hence it is no longer pink...see I can compromise). Russet is a dear friend; a male version of me, to a degree. We have a 90% agreement rate on most things because 100% would be too freakish. We've been friends for nearly 10 years...maybe longer, but I stopped counting.

A while back, he asked me if I wanted to do a blog together. I balked at first...then thought about it. Humbling that he would think my writing could stand up to a joint blog. And while I agreed, we came to the conclusion that neither of us wanted the pressure of having to post on a regular basis. The perfect solution: An invitation to post on my blog.

So let me tell you about my friend...Russet (makes me think about a potato, but that's really not the point) is Christian, conservative, unique. He has been blessed with a keen mind, a beautiful writing style, and a love of music. He also has a sense of humor. Sometimes I don't understand it, but that is the beauty of being a girl. I don't have to understand boy humor. Oh, he uses really big words, so have the dictionary handy. I have learned much from him. There are many other attributes of which I could extole; however, he is modest and I don't want him to blush.

So, without further ado, may I present one of the best guys in the world: Russet Shadows. He will be posting here from time to time. So, please take time to read what he writes.


Russet Shadows said...

I hope I can live up to all that! :)

Indie67 said...

Of course you can...besides, there are few people who I could collaborate on something like this. You da man! Literally.

Russet Shadows said...

Awww...thanks. :) I've posted.

hugbandit7 said...

so I guess this means more posts on your blog?! :)