Monday, October 20, 2008

And On The Eighth Day...

...God sent a text message...

There I was in church Sunday morning, listening to the pastor deliver his message. I got distracted by the vibrating buzz a couple of seats next to me. Someone (who shall remain nameless) had his iPhone resting on the bible in the seat next to him. Yay! At least he had it silenced.

Anyway, the light and buzz caught my attention. He reads his text message, sends one and puts the phone down. 2 minutes later, it goes off again. Read. Text. Repeat. This pattern transpired during the majority of the sermon. The more it happened, the more distracted I became. I found myself focused on the number of text messages sent versus the message the pastor was delivering. Needless to day, I was very annoyed at myself.

This person is a part of the ministerial I should cut him some slack, right? Maybe the folks he left in care of his responsibilities at the main campus needed him. After all, he wouldn't be having a general text conversation with someone during the sermon, would he?

I would like to think not.

Why is it that even in the midst of worship, when our hearts and minds should be focused on the One who loves us beyond all reason, we allow ourselves to be distracted by the world?

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