Sunday, September 07, 2008

Guitar Lessons - Week 7 and 8

I elected to combine the last two lessons into one blog. Mainly since I've been struggling with the same two pieces. I've have been continually practicing "Spanish Melody" and "Prelude in C Major". However, while I am able to hit the correct notes, my cheap steel string acoustic, does not offer the same resonance as an expensive nylon string classical.

Yes I would love my guitar to sing like Jeff's; however, since playing guitar is for my personal pleasure, I'm not doing to drop mega bucks on a guitar. Anyway, no one warned me that playing classical would require my hands to contort into a variety of positions. Not the just the fretting hand, but the strumming hand as well.

I've really wanted to scream the last couple of lessons. But Jeff is a saint and has the utmost patience. Even when I've horribly embarassed myself with nervously shaking hands.

I can play quite nicely at home. Get me in the room with my teacher and I sound like....well we'll just leave it at "unpretty."

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