Monday, March 10, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I Shouldn't Go Snorkeling

10. The catamaran is a great place for catching a tan

9. Floating around in fish poop...need I say more?

8. Saltwater is very harsh to my delicate self

7. I can see tropical fish in a tank any time

6. If I can't wear my glasses, I can't see the fishies

5. I am not bait

4. Objects in the water may be closer than they appear

3. My snorkel gear doesn’t match my swimsuit

2. My dive fins make me look fat

And the number one reason I shouldn’t go snorkeling….

1. Hello, am I the only person who watches “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel?

1 comment:

Russet Shadows said...

Some of those problems you can fix yourself. I mean, really. :p Any woman who complains about the parts of her outfit not matching is not serious about doing whatever it is!