Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Escalator Paradigm

Had an interesting conversation coming into the building the other day. Co-worker and I came up the elevator and got to the doors at the same time a couple of men did. There is a button to open the doors for folks that need assistance. We all arrived at the same time but the men graciously waited for us to hit the button and allowed us to walk in first.

The amusing part of this is the fact that we all waited for the door to open on it's own. The men could have simply opened for us, but I have observed that many guys have no idea how to open a door for a woman any more. But that's another post for another day.

So the discussion, upon walking in the door, was with one of the guys. We were joking about standing there waiting for the door to open and the comment was made that they could have grabbed the handle, but how that would be too easy. The general consensus is that we've become lazy.

Escalators are a prime example of that. In the elevator, going up to our respective floors, we had a good laugh about what happens when escalators fail. Have you ever noticed that when they stop, people will actually walk away from an escalator? Seriously. As if walking down or up the escalator is a horrible task. However, the beauty of a broken escalator is automatic stairs. What to do, what to do...a broken escalator...wait, I think I'll take the elevator.

Please note, when a escalator breaks, you don't have to call the fire department. You clear the equipment and unlock it and voila! Yes, being rescued from a stopped elevator by a hottie fireman has its advantages, but the thought of being enclosed in that small box strung up by cables strikes a certain amount of fear into my heart.

Maybe it would just be simpler to stay in ground level establishments.

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