Thursday, May 17, 2012

Deja Vu

Ahhh what a day and night; highly reminiscent of my first trip to Mumbai. Because Christina had never been to India, I wanted her to experience some of the same places I had been afforded the opportunity to experience. So we hit all the old familiar places and I saw all the old familiar faces.

And how lovely all those faces are...some of those that were with me the first time, weren't there this go round. Jimmy couldn't make it. Manish, who is no longer part of the team, couldn't make it. However, Dipesh, who left the company in January, came back to say hello. We did have some new faces: Farida, Kiran, Ajaz, Asif, Sneha, Vijayendra, and Mahesh.
Returning for the fun was Palak, Prashant, and Charlotte.
Colaba Causeway and Leopold's were just the way I remembered. It was hot outside, but the beer was nice and cold. The snacks were tasty. The sellers were bargaining and selling, the vendor in front of Leopold's still had the glass lamps that I love.

The walk to the Gateway was amusing as we stopped at food cart so the gang could buy something stuffed into what looked like green leaves and for some, whose names I won't mention *cough Palak and Prashant cough*, to buy smokes. Then I was nearly trampled by a horse and carriage. However, we did make it to the Gateway unscathed.

It's such a massive, imposing structure. But beyond that, the crowd there was HUGE. We clicked all kinds of pictures. Granted it wasn't Bollywood Nights like last year, but there we were with our teams smiling and laughing. There is something about the Gateway to India that draws me like moth to flame. I could sit and stare at it until the dark of night. But we had places to go and things to do. So we moved along.

Marine Plaza, the seawall, lights from the stadium where the Mumbai Indians were playing. What a great time. We sat around chatting for a bit. I actually at some street mangoes with something sprinkled on it...let's just say I ate it very carefully. A lady with her monkey on a leash. Vendors selling silly things. Someone bought the flashing horns. They were really cute. Shortly after the horns, I was give a strand of the most fragrant flowers to wear in my hair. Brides wear these flowers and the scent is supposed to be seductive to their new husbands. I can tell you the smelled amazing.

As the night was drawing to a close, most folks when home but 5 of us went to Koylas. Oh Koylas, I have been dreaming about you since September. It was every bit as good. Sure, I missed some of the folks from the last time we were there. But the food was still amazing and the company delightful.

Just when you think it couldn't get any better, Charlotte talked us into Sukh Sagar. Devine! Mangoes topped with a whipped cream...could have eaten a dish by myself. There is just no way to describe it other than perfectly delightful.

Then it was time to drop everyone off and say goodnight. It was another great weekend in Mumbai. The city never fails to fascinate me.

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