Friday, May 25, 2012

The Art of Mehendi

Mehendi - one of the most beautiful art forms I've ever experienced. Traditionally applied to brides (contrary to rumor, I did not get married in India), this mehendi was quite different from the Arabic style I had last time. This was so intricate, almost lacy in appearance, yet it took the ladies approximately an hour and a half to complete front and back of the hands and forearms of two people.

There is something so striking about these designs. It was all free handed by the artists. Absolute creativity. I am told the darker it is, the better. These pictures were as it was being done; however, on me there are parts of the palms that get nearly black. Nearly a month since having it applied, the darker spots on my palms have faded away completely today (5/25).

I am not someone who likes drawing attention to myself, but I do love the attention I get when I am adorned with such incredible art.

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