Tuesday, June 02, 2009

There Just Aren't Any Words


So I've been planning my fall vacation, giving myself something to look forward to this year. I'm planning a cruise and my vacation bud stumbled across this picture on one of the excursions available in Cozumel.

Undersea Scooters...yes, that's what I said.

Needless to say, when I saw the picture, I laughed.

...and laughed...

...and laughed; so much that I had tears. But imagine the picture enhanced by commentary. "You think the fish will tap on the helmets, wondering if we will wake up?" "Imagine popping a wheelie on the scooter." "My, what a nice tank you have."

Please feel free to continue the commentary in the comments should you so desire.

I'm thinking, great big body, tiny little head.


Anonymous said...


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Russet Shadows said...

Welcome to the big leagues! It's your first spammer! What will you do? Will you leave the comment stand so that your faithful audience can mock it repeatedly? Will you delete it? Will you pursue an automated spam removal solution? Decisions, decisions.

I wonder what the original dudes were doing -- you know, before they were Photoshopped in. Did someone just promise them free beer for life? Did someone tell them that they'd be Photoshopped into an underwater scooter scene and they laughed off the suggestion?