Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Forced Vacation

I'm sick.

I mean the high temperature, headache, body ache, ribs hurt when you cough, can't take a deep breath variety of sick. I've spent the last two days at home. And while I enjoy vacations, there is something so lacking as a forced vacation. A vacation by illness. Time off you can't enjoy because your laying in bed wishing for the agony to cease.

And now I'm bored. I'm tired of laying on the couch watching movies. My brain is numb. But I know I need the rest. I'm tired of juice, soup, and apple sauce, but the thought of anything more substantial makes my stomach churn.

I really do hate being sick.

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Srimz said...

ya ,i can feel it ...everybody of us go through this sort of 'forced vacation'.But just imagine if anybody come to know that this forced vacation is never going to reach an end ......Almost everybody of us has seen this happen to some really unlucky one around us.....We should be thankful to God that our forced vacations have reached its end and made us happy again to rejoin our daily activities....