Sunday, March 29, 2009

Guitar Nails

There are days I feel like a dork when I look at my hands. The left hand sports nails filed below the tip, while the right hand is a thing of beauty. Five gloriously growing long nails. Such are the hands of a classical guitar player. In fact, my right hand is the envy of my teacher.

I find it rather funny that I couldn't grow my nails to save my life and now that I am taking lessons, the nails won't stop growing. Keeping the left hand short is as much a chore as shaping the right hand.

So it only goes to show me that the main outcome of my guitar lessons is some pretty nice nails.

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Dominic Rivron said...

I must admit to keeping my nails short and playing the classical guitar with my fingers. I suppose there will always be two schools of thought on this! It's probably mainly about how we're started off and what we get used to. I may even try the long nails approach myself one day.