Tuesday, January 06, 2009

To Die Doing What You Love

Prayers for Kim Martin, an old acquaintance. I knew her from a church I attended several years ago. She was in a Bible study program I facilitated for a couple of years.

Her husband, Vyarl, a skilled helicopter pilot, and a U.S. Coast Guard reservist (I'll always remember him saying, "It's pronounced VERL, not VIRAL" was killed in a "helicopter crash" on Sunday. Vyarl was 2nd in Command on the flight.

In the interview with NBC5, Kim said he died doing what he loved.

Should we all be so lucky.


Russet Shadows said...

Sometimes you can feel the world taking a breath and in that moment, you realize just how small a place it is, and how near and strange the bonds are that connect us all.

hugbandit7 said...

just goes to show we should be following our passions!

martinkimo said...

i just wondered who I took a class with I have taken so many and that really was how Vyarl said it. thank you for the thoughts and yes I think he died doing what he loved even if they think it was a red tailed hawk that hit them. it has been a hard 12 weeks.
Vyarl's widow Kim