Sunday, October 22, 2006

I Pledge Allegiance To:

….the United States of Mexico???…

Never thought in my life time that I would see the disintegration of the country I so love. Before I get into this, let me preface what I have to say. I am a first generation American, raised by two people who were legal immigrants to the country. Both of whom are naturalized citizens and love this country as much as I do. I’ve been to the country of my parents’ birth. I have no desire to live there. Not that it’s a bad place, but, I’m spoiled. I am not against immigration as long as it is legal. If you here legally, I will bend over backwards to help you. If you are here illegally, get out of my country.

I was disturbed to read a “story” Friday, about a school district here in Texas that distributed the Mexican flag to the students and had them recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance. Although the principal says the students weren't asked to recite it. Now the last time I checked, Texas was still a part of the United States. I know my Texas history. We were once a part of Mexico. We also fought at the Alamo and San Jacinto. We obtained our independence. We joined the US.

So forgive me when I become just a tad UPSET that we have our students reciting the Mexican pledge when the ACLU is all a-twitter because we say “one nation under God” in our pledge????? The principal didn’t realize folks would be upset??? Maybe he was smoking some good drugs that came up from Mexico.

Where is the allegiance to the United States? It’s all about what we can do for them but nothing about what they can do for this country. Once upon a time, immigrants would come and embrace the American dream. They would learn to speak English, they would assimilate into our melting pot culture. They would contribute to society. What happened? When did it all go so very wrong?

We are told that illegal immigrants make significant contributions to our society. Really? What might those contributions be? I am certainly not reaping the benefits of illegals doing the jobs “that Americans don’t want.” If I hire a landscaping company to mow my yard, I’m paying between $30-35. I’m paying $1500 to have my fence replaced. All the work is done by non-English speaking Mexican, supervised by an English speaker.

I was recently in Denver, Colorado. I stopped at McDonalds to use the facilities and get a milkshake. I asked what time the sun set and the gal at the counter didn’t understand a word I said. She got her manager and the manager did not understand me either. Yet, there they are, working with the public.

This is not a screed against Mexicans. I enjoy traveling to Mexico. There are many beautiful vacation destinations. I was there this past May and had a wonderful time. However, I did my best to speak my broken Spanish. I was given some of the best service because I tried. The Mexican culture is vibrant and colorful; sometimes bloody. They have a history and should try to preserve it. It’s their heritage.

As an American citizen though, I should not have to feel obligated to embrace their culture in my own country. Yes, I can appreciate and acknowledge what they have brought to Texas in the past. However, I don’t think it’s a good thing when I have to learn another language to communicate in my own city.

Unfortunately, I think this is a sign of the times. I know that I certainly do not want to pledge allegiance to a green, white, and red flag. Do you?


Russet Shadows said...

The people who have no concept of what America is are the ones funding her undoing. Think of it. To the typical leftist, what is America but some amorphous idealization of "do as thou wilt", not a country with a history, heroes, ethics, ideals, or a uniqueness to be preserved. They think of America as the world's sandbox. Thus they are unbothered by such idiocies as this, the AZ 9-11 monument, the "assault rifle" ban, and other spears thrust up through the fabric of America. I'm sure some intellectual fool will celebrate the unravelling of America because it makes Bush look bad.

Russet Shadows said...

So...when's the next post? :p

Russet Shadows said...

You've been nominated for a Thinking Blogger Award!.