Wednesday, September 27, 2006

World Peace or Whirled Peas

...perhaps it depends on whether you are cooking or not...

I have a friend. Shocking, I know. Really though, I am a likeable sort. This friend of mine is a lib, or as he refers to himself, a progressive. I'll call him Pete. Pete is quite the average guy on the surface: no horns, tail or pitchfork to be found. He is congenial, intelligent, funny, sarcastic, and dare I say it, normal - all in all, a great guy for whom I have much respect. Pete possesses a true passion for his party's platforms and I commend him for that passion. While I do not agree with 90% of the ramblings of the libs, I am glad to note that he does more than pay lip service to those beliefs. But I digress.

Pete has a bumper sticker currently affixed to the back of his vehicle. It is the classic peace symbol, hugely popular during the Vietnam War. You know the one to which I refer. His sticker has "World Peace" emblazoned prominently across it. I know, surprising to find a liberal with such a sticker on his/her vehicle.

World peace - if you scoff at the notion, you are labeled as a warmonger with no regard for humanity. The fact that you are a realist is completely discounted. Being a realist does not mean you are pro-war. It means you are fully aware that war is sometimes necessary and inevitable. World peace - when, in the history of mankind has world peace ever existed? Umm, never!

Can peace be achieved when the inhabitants of this world have no common ground other than being human? Is our humanity alone going to create Utopia on Earth? By our very nature, it is impossible. You see, we humans are fully flawed. Until we attain perfection, we can never be at peace, neither with ourselves nor with others. Until we are like-minded, with common goals and purposes, we will never be able to sit by the fire, arms linked singing "Kumbaya". (I had to sing that song in church camp, what a beating. I'd much rather sing "The Angry American" by Toby Keith...a democrat who gets it)

So, let us continue to celebrate and encourage this experiment called diversity. Let us continue our current state of non-assimilation. After all, it's really about embracing who you are, isn't it? After you achieve your personal, cultural nirvana, peace is sure to follow, right? There are those who would like you to believe that you can incorporate diversity (at the expense of unity) and world peace. I think it would be much easier to open a can of peas, add some mayo and stir. Viola! Whirled Peas.


Russet Shadows said...

I have a song that I'll get around to finishing someday. It's a rough, gothic-industrial thing, a little different than my normal styles of music. One of the opening lines is "And the only time we will have peace is when the last tyrant falls." Man has ever been at war with man and there is no government that will satisfy all humanity. Whether you include Islamists in the definition of human is a matter of debate, for surely Shira law would satisfy them, but not me. Hey, did you go to Long range? Nanc is kqql.

Russet Shadows said...

So where's your new post already? *stamping feet*

Russet Shadows said...

Oh hey, here's the thing I was thinking you might want to join the other day: Texas Connection.

Warren said...

Indie67, welcome to the wild wild world of bloging.

You have a flowing writing style that is easy on the eyes and very insightful. Whoever encouraged you to start you own blog did the rest of us a favor.

Peace? What would this world peace look like?

I agree with you.

nanc said...

warren - no one living has actually seen His face...but others are supposed to see Him in us - figure that one out!

i, for one, am on the edge of my seat awaiting this peace which surpasses all understanding.